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What is Rent-A-Chicken?

Simply put, Rent-A-Chicken is exactly what it sounds like! If you are interested in having backyard chickens but don't know where to start, what to buy, or maybe you just don't want the hassle of raising your chickens from chicks, Rent-A-Chicken takes out all of the stress by getting you started with everything you need, delivered right to your door! 

Maybe you're worried that you'll hate it or that it will be too much and you are afraid to make the commitment of buying your own, Rent-A-Chicken allows you to rent for as little time as one season and if its not for you, no worries! We take them back!

The hens you receive will be matured and ready to lay! You will get the instant gratification of collecting 100% organic eggs from your backyard as soon as your hens arrive!

The program we offer is as follows:

We provide everything that you need to get started owning chickens. Our rental agreement provides:

>one coop suitable in size for 2-4 hens<

(coop is fully enclosed with a roosting area,

nest boxes, and run)

>2-4 hens that are of laying age<
>first bag of feed<
>pine shavings to get you started<
>oyster shell<

**We do not guarantee the breed of hens you will receive.**

Our rental season runs from April to October, with a lease term of 3 months. This is weather dependent.

If we are having a nasty spring with really freezing temperatures, it may be late May. 


if we are having a warm fall , you are welcome to keep the ladies longer.  The biggest issue is with
ensuring they have access to unfrozen water. If you choose to keep your hens through the winter you will be responsible for obtaining a heated water dish.
If you enroll in the program, and plan to continue into the next year but do not want to keep your hens over the winter, we will pick up your hens and coop. We will tag them for you if you want the same ones returned the next season!

If you want to secure the same birds for the following season, your deposit would be due at the time we pick them up for the winter.

We require a 50% deposit to guarantee you a coop and hens. Please contact us via email before you submit a deposit to confirm availability. If you prefer not to make a deposit, you are more than welcome to contact us in the spring to see if we still have a coop and hens available.
If you are interested in owning your own birds and coop, purchase options are available as well! We offer chicks, hens, roosters, coops, and set up. Please contact us for pricing information and availability.

*Interested in hatching your own eggs?* 

This is a great experience for home school children, classrooms, and for a
home hobby. We can supply you with an incubator and fertile eggs as well as technical support. Our average hatch rate last year was 94% and we would love to share our knowledge with you!

Incubators are limited so please reserve yours early.

Our reservation form can be found below. Limited rentals are available and we are rapidly filling our slots for coops and hens! If you have any further questions please contact us via phone or email.
Thank you for your interest!

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