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How honey bees contribute to our world.

Interested in raising your own bees and having the pleasure of harvesting your own honey while helping to keep the honey bee population thriving?  The Birds and The Bees Farm now offers Nucs!

There are two ways to obtain a honey-bee colony, either by a package or a Nuc.  With a package, several pounds of bees are grabbed from an existing hive with the queen often having been bred separately, unrelated to the colony. Because of this, it often takes several days for the queen and her workers to become acquainted.  If all goes well, they begin their colony, and in another 3-4 weeks the new group forms a growing hive.

A Nuc is perfect for the beginner bee-keeper.  The main advantage of a Nuc is that the colony is already established, putting the hive about a month ahead for production.  This is especially beneficial in colder climate that has a long cold season! A Nuc, or nucleus colony, is a small honeybee colony, created from a larger colony. Nucs generally consist of a queen bee and her related worker bees, and 5 frames of eggs, larva, capped brood, honey, and pollen.   Transferring these five frames into a larger bee hive is a simple, seamless process.

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Honey bees to start your own apiary.
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